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Flickr kaktuslampan. This handheld electronic memory game is simple in theory, but not so easy to master! Simon is still on the market and just as fun to play! Probably the most popular play set for Fisher-Price Little People is the classic farm. We love how when the doors opened, a cow would moo! Fisher-Price now has an updated version of this iconic play set. Sometimes the simplest concept makes for major fun.

With the push of a single button, a puff of air lifted rings into the water. The challenge was to toss the rings onto the stick. Not as easy at it looks!

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The original Tomy versions of this game can be found online on sites like eBay. Refresh your memory with this pic from Instagram user salagiochi Preschoolers loved this Fisher-Price toy that made animal sounds. And like many updates of the classic toys, this Farmer Says toy has more interactive features than the original, including quizzes and more! SOLD Swipe left! Lite-Brite gave kids the power to make beautiful, colorful creations with pegs that lit up. Each Lite-Brite kit came with patterns kids could follow to make pictures, or they could make their own with blank templates.

The newest edition of Lite-Brite even comes with a handy case for all the colored pegs. Where was that when I was a kid? Bring it on march break!!!! Did you play with this as a kid? It was my fav!!! If you were a fan, chances are you remember the Rainbow Brite doll and the stuffed animal version of her colorful horse from back in the day. A simple toy for a simpler time. You can find some of the classics on eBay , and elsewhere. Today, brand-new sets are being released for the latest generation of kids. Not unlike Ewoks… I find Gizmo completely irresistible!! That face!

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Those ears! That little singing voice! Did you know Howie Mandel was the voice of Gizmo? True story! How is this movie almost 35 years old?! Would-be doctors and nurses could practice their skills way before medical school with the complete Fisher-Price Medical Kit. The original came in a hard briefcase carrier.

You can find similar ones on auction sites like ebay. Because why change a classic when it works so well? Long before roller blades, the roller skate was the coolest toy on wheels. Kids would spend weekends skating outside or at the local roller rink. Whether you had the metal kind you slid on over your sneakers or the totally awesome boot skate, it was all about getting out and rolling! You can still find these today in stores and online in the classic design. Some things just never go out of style! Before there were Pillow Pets, there were Popples.

Who would have thought that cooking with a light bulb would be so much fun?

Wikimedia Commons. Remember having a photo slideshow in your toy box or pocket? With the classic white discs and the red viewer, you could see pictures of everything from popular tourist attractions to favorite TV shows! You can still get the classic version along with more high-tech VR viewers on Amazon.

Who could forget these tiny, blue collectible figures? Auction sites like eBay have many of the original figures sold in toy stores. And they still remain popular today in their current design with toy sets, stuffed animals and more. This handheld, electronic toy had a variety of games for kids to play: tic-tac-toe, memory game, puzzles and more.

But watching it play out in the video starring a teenaged Alicia Silverstone is even better. Type keyword s to search. EMI Catalogue. Rhino Warner Records.


J Records. Parlophone UK. Curb Records. RCA Records. Virgin Records. Columbia Legacy. Legacy Recording. Columbia Records. Warner Records. Numero Group.

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Island Records. Capitol Records. MCA Nashville.


Original Soviet Russian Ukrainian porcelain figurine Mother and baby USSR 80s

UMG Recordings. Cugate Ltd. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Music.