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The history cited for each section below is intended to be used for information purposes only and should not be relied upon without confirmation.

Summary of the Clean Water Act | Laws & Regulations | US EPA

For questions or sections not listed, Contact Us. Section : Derived from former uncodified section 6 , enacted in Section : Derived from former uncodified section 11 , enacted in Section : Enacted in On the other hand, the section has been interpreted as not requiring a district to grant priority or preference for potential domestic water users over current irrigation and other non-domestic users.

The domestic use priority has been bolstered by the adoption last year of Water Code section Section To date, cases interpreting section The Safe Water Alliance claims that the policy stated in section Regarding the irrigation priority, in a dispute between irrigation and non-domestic users, a district was not allowed to adopt a fee structure that charged commercial users less than farmer users.

In the important area of water conservation regulation, however, the California Supreme Court held section did not invalidate water district contracts which imposed greater reductions on water deliveries for agricultural uses than for all other non-domestic uses during drought periods. Other policy considerations may affect the priorities stated in section In the National Audubon Society case, the California Supreme Court read section to allow reallocating water rights to take into account environmental considerations.

Special Acts may also provide competing priorities. There are three such acts in Monterey County.

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The policies stated in these special acts must be considered and may outweigh the general policy for irrigation priority after domestic use. For example, CDPH, DWR, and communities to promote access and participation monitoring schedules, and funding opportunities, the State Water Board should identify those disad- in the public comment meetings.

Agencies must ensure that all Californians, needs. Second, agencies should involve vulnerable Agencies should also consider the human right undertaken to further the human right to water including vulnerable and marginalized individu- groups and marginalized communities in their to water when adopting new measures that foster and establish monitoring efforts to measure the als, groups, and communities in rural, tribal, and planning and programming.

By should identify disadvantaged groups struggling to governance. For example, the against discrimination and neglect, state agencies groups in efforts to formulate the Califor- tions accessible to affected communities, agencies agency displays on its website documents related can make progress towards this goal. For instance, as a part of its English and Spanish. When revising funding criteria and reviewing on a particular group.

California Water Code Statutory History

Accountability water but the root causes underlying lack of access. California has the largest population Accountability is the means by which individu- may face multiple forms of discrimination that of immigrants in the country and more than 43 als and communities take ownership of their impact access to safe water. For example, low- B. Meaningful Public Participation percent of Californians speak a language other rights and ensure that the government, as the income unincorporated communities of color have than English at home.

Agencies should take advan- ciple of accountability requires effective monitor- concerning water, water services and the environ- planning and infrastructure investments. Ultimately, the success- munities they serve and achieve policy objectives. When contamination, depends on the effectiveness of quality is critical to understanding and addressing revising established criteria, agencies should ensure accountability mechanisms. Information about that the policy advances the human right to water. For instance, sibility and provides for remedies where those stan- menting environmental regulations.

Possible impediments to effective accountability are numerous, and notable universal access to clean water in the state. The framework defines key aspects of the legislation, Resource Guide challenges include the failure to detect water including when state agencies should consider the contaminants and issue violations by CDPH; human right to water, what factors they should the backlog of cases involving violations of water consider, and how they should advance the right.

Special Rapporteur on the human right to safe drinking standards in communities affected by unsafe levels dynamic process and additional agency-specific water and sanitation, to Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson Jan. Health Persp. Cromwell III et al. Good marginalized communities, promote sustainable Environmental Protection Agency and Water Research Foundation, , available governance, transparency, meaningful public par- solutions, and improve accountability.

Laws & Regulations

State out California stand ready to partner with state Laurel Firestone, Guide to Community Drinking Water Advocacy, Community Water agencies can advance the human right to water for agencies to realize the human right to water. In Eric L.

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Garner and Lucas I. West See AB Before the S. Rules Floor Analyses, Legis.

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Third Reading 27 Cal. Rules Comm. Third Reading Aug. See Cal Gov. Harter, et al. See also U.

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See generally Carolina Balazs, et. Epidemiology 1 Sept. The UC Inga T. City of Roseville, 97 Cal. State Farm Mut. State Water Res. Special Rapporteur on the human right Control Bd. Contractors Water Auth. Willamette L. The survey revealed two main reasons stu- State Water Res. Control Bd. California requires one water fountain per United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and Reports of to improve access to water.

Superior Court, Cal.

See Inga T. In the Central Valley, at least tions for Water Allocation [hereinafter Win- 44 Grossi, supra note 43 suggesting that funding and grant poli- or is so implausible that it could not be ascribed to a difference in twelve schools with a total of students are in unincorporated kler]. Similarly, AB identifies human consumption of water cies effectively exclude communities with the most immediate wa- view or the product of agency expertise. See also Water Res. Julia Scott, Nitrate as a priority.