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He subsequently required an operation to repair the inward turning of the eyelid and in the future, will need an operation to remove the eye. He had a mini stroke due to endocarditis and had to have a double heart bypass. In September , Andrew had a recurrence of endocarditis, was put on an intensive course of intravenous antibiotics and was in hospital for six weeks. Mr Baker has had three operations to try to repair his eye and give him some vision back, but each operation has failed. He was amazing throughout the case.

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Sandshoes, Grandad & Chinny

He was furious when the Titanic hurtled over London, yelling for the aliens not to dare ruin the one Christmas in the last two years to not have an invasion. Sometime before this, his wife, Eileen Mott , died. An amateur astronomer , he pitched a tent behind his daughter's house in Chiswick and spent most of his nights on top a hill with a telescope looking for aliens among the stars. Seeing the Doctor again through his telescope, Wilf felt happy for his granddaughter for being able to travel the universe, yelling and cheering as the TARDIS took off.

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  • TV : Partners in Crime. Donna visited her mother and him after she had returned to Earth. She told Wilf, but not her mother about the Doctor, for fear she would react badly. He opened the family car to investigate an ATMOS device and was trapped inside when it was triggered. The next day he told Donna he would keep her secret and not tell her mother.

    TV : The Poison Sky. At some point, Wilfred discovered a new star, which was named after him. Wilf and his daughter square off against the Daleks. Wilf fired a paintball at a Dalek's eyestalk, hoping to blind it, but it dissolved the paint. As it was about to exterminate him, Rose Tyler teleported to the scene and killed the Dalek.

    The Doctor's grandfather

    Sylvia and Wilf took her to their home. A message came from a Sub-Wave Network.

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    They couldn't respond, as Sylvia thought webcams were "naughty" and didn't let her father have one. When the Doctor brought Donna back to them without any memory of her adventures with him, Wilf was distraught at the thought of her returning to her previous life. He promised to look up at the sky every night and remember the Doctor on Donna's behalf. TV : Journey's End. Wilfred's surprised to see the Woman on television instead of the Queen. As Christmas approached, Wilf, along with everyone else on Earth, began having nightmares involving the laughing face of the Master.

    Seeking refuge in a church, he was approached by a mysterious woman , who told him the church had been a convent in the s, had been attacked by a demon from the sky and saved by a "sainted physician"; then she vanished.

    Mrs Brown's Boys - Grandad gets a visit from the doctor - Universal Comedy

    The next day, Wilf organised a " Silver Cloak " of old age pensioners. On Christmas morning, Wilf was watching the Queen's speech when it was interrupted by the mysterious woman, whom only he could see. She told Wilf he would have to take up arms, that the Doctor could still be saved and that Wilf must not tell the Doctor anything of what she had said. Wilf took his old service revolver , met the Doctor outside the Noble house and joined him in tracking down the Master.

    The Doctor and Wilfred resolve to stop the Master. They arrived too late to stop the Master turning every human on Earth into a duplicate of himself, but Wilf was protected from the effect behind a radiation shield. He escaped with the Doctor to a spaceship. During this time, Wilf and the Doctor felt they would both be proud to have been related to each other. After another encounter with the woman, he gave the Doctor his gun and urged him to kill the Master.

    The Doctor initially refused, but on learning the Time Lords were behind everything, he took the gun. In the fight that followed, Earth shot missiles at the ship. Wilf manned one of the guns and had the aliens land so he could join the Doctor.

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    He freed someone trapped in the radiation booth, but as a result was himself trapped. After he witnessed the Doctor and the Master defeat Rassilon and the Time Lords, Wilf then knocked on the booth door to be let out, fulfilling the prophecy , "He will knock four times. Due to the nuclear bolt still being active, the radiation would flood the booth and kill him, but not harm anyone else.

    To save him, the Doctor would have to sacrifice himself. Wilf was willing to die instead because he had "had his time", but the Doctor saved him and absorbed a fatal dose of radiation, which caused him to start to regenerate.

    A Companion To The Doctor’s Companions: Wilfred Mott | Anglophenia | BBC America

    He took Wilf home and promised to see him one more time before he changed. At Donna's second wedding, Wilf met the Doctor again, just like he had promised. The Doctor gave Wilf and Sylvia a winning lottery ticket he had purchased with money borrowed from Geoff Noble before leaving. Wilf and Sylvia gave Donna the ticket and Wilf tearfully saluted the Doctor as he took off. His memories of the visit were subsequently erased and he was sent on his way. TV : The Day of the Doctor. The Doctor lets Wilfred die. In an alternative timeline created by a continuity bomb , the Doctor allowed Wilfred to die in the radiation chamber instead of saving him from death, viewing himself as the more useful of the two to the universe. This led to the Doctor becoming a tyrant that ruled the cosmos with an iron fist until his death. On Christmas Day in a parallel world , Wilfred was in the English countryside on holiday with his daughter and granddaughter, courtesy of Donna's winning raffle ticket.