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It will then be possible to use the new information to update conservation strategies and draw up long term monitoring protocols. Captive breeding is a crucial element for the conservation of Western Derby eland, and successful breeding has been undertaken in two reserves in Senegal for around 20 years. There is now a semi-captive population of more than Western Derby eland who have been carefully managed for genetic diversity and studied to learn more about the ecology and behaviour of the illusive species.

Our conservation team have regularly worked out in the Senegalese reserves to help with the population management, identifying new calves during breeding season and undertaking public engagement work to raise awareness of the plight of Western Derby eland. The captive breeding programme can be a source of individuals for reintroduction projects in the future. Website by. Western Derby Eland.

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Stolen Child

The first flightof this version was made on December 16, Theaircraft was described in Flight, July 6, There have been few sales of used CVs in the past year and the current price is uncertain. Powerplant: As Dimensions: As except length, 81ft 6in includes nose radar.

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Weight: Max take-off, 49,b; landing, 47,b; zero fuel, 47,b;capacity payload, 14,b; weight less fuel and payload, 32,b. Payload accommodation: As Fuel capacity: As Performance: Continuous cruising speed, kt m. New production Eland Convairs are known as Canadair s—see page So far, the only operator of Convair s is Allegheny Airlines, who are operating two Napier and PacAero converted aircraft—one and one The first conversion was completed in at Luton and US certification was obtained on August 22, Nine s have alsobeen bought by Napier for conversion as required.

Butler Aviation in Washington have modified the interiors to 52 seats and Eland conversions are under-taken by AiResearch.

Operation Eland

Flight references: July 25, ; August 29, ; February 6, ;November 20, ; December 11, ; January 29, and May 27, The same powerplant as that of the LockheedElectra, the Allison 5O1-D13 driving Aeroproducts propellers, can be fitted. Such a conversion has been made to a CV previouslyfitted with Ts.

They include changes to the nacelle and wing structure, a fin extended by lft, larger-area rudder, a 40inincrease in tailplane span and 17 sq ft increase elevator area, larger tabs, and re-arranged cockpit instruments and controls. The aircraft was described in Flight of July 25, Powerplant: Two Allison D13 turboprops of 3, e.

Weights: Max take-off, 53,b; landing, 50,b; zero fuel, 4,b; capacity payload, 11,b; weight less fuel and payload, 33,b.

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Fuel capactiy: 1, Imp gal 1, US gal.