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This is not an enjoyable subject in any way, read for information and insight more than enjoyment.

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Did Inside the Hotel Rwanda inspire you to do anything? To continue to be amazed at the resiliency of the human heart - individually and collectively - as the Tusti people who returned to their neighborhoods made such sacrifices to forgive the neighbors who slaughtered their families.

Inside the Hotel Rwanda - book trailer with author interviews

How do people start again after living through these atrocities and how can this be prevented in the future - or even now as it is in places such as the Sudan? I kind of knew the movie was not telling the whole truth about what happened.

But the movie did bring out what was happened there. What did you like best about Inside the Hotel Rwanda? What did you like least? The first chunk and the last chunk just hack at Paul Rusesabegina personally.

The story-teller is far too intelligent and interesting to resort to numerous conclusions undermining the better-known's character. I nearly stopped listening after the first hour or so did little besides sound like a jealous rant, but then it got good--really good--in parts great--only to lapse back into tirades on his alter ego's success.

Amazonオーディオブック : Audible (オーディブル)|最初の1冊は無料|bontiosopdewelch.ml公式サイト

Much of the ugly side may be true, but my intention was to learn about Rwanda, not to sort out who was more honest and who was merely bitter. State the facts. Don't oversimplify the intentions of a complex person in a complicated situation. Stick to your own story. These authors reduce the hero of An Ordinary Man to a selfish, self-seeking exaggerator of Homeric proportions.

Paul Rusesabagina (1954- )

I can deal with exposing aspects of his character that Hollywood bypassed, but having read An Ordinary Man numerous times, never once did I get the impression that the subject of Kayihura's analysis was making himself out to be a saint. Section Menu x. Events Back to calendar. Facebook Sitemap. That criticism has since been echoed by Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Reporters Without Borders, and numerous International politicians, newspapers and reporters. In recent years, the criticism has grown, with reports of kidnappings and assassinations of political opponents across Africa, military intervention by the Rwandan Army in Congo, and suppression of all opposition inside Rwanda.

While he stifles all opposition, there is no question that Paul Kagame has transformed Rwanda from an impoverished sectarian state into a model of economic growth and modernization. This success has sparked much debate -- the highly successful African strongman who rules with an iron fist versus the liberal desire for Western democratic standards.

Inside the Hotel Rwanda

Kagame has used his impressive achievements, and the continuing guilt of the West to mount a sophisticated International PR campaign to counter the accusations that he is a ruthless dictator. Now Hotel Rwanda has once more become a target of this PR campaign. What's surprising is that this book has suddenly appeared 10 years after the movie's release. It is, in fact, a rehash of the book Hotel Rwanda: Or the Tutsi Genocide as seen by Hollywood , published in Rwanda back when the vilification of Rusesabagina was at its height. That book was also authored by Kagame officials. I guess the latest book has been timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the genocide and renewed interest in the film. I've spent a good part of my life in theater, film and television, and have learned to live with criticism, but accusations of 'lies' are a different matter, particularly about a film that I believe has shaped the understanding of millions of people about the Rwandan genocide.

So let's set the facts straight. We researched the Hotel Rwanda story thoroughly. I interviewed and videotaped scores of Milles Collines survivors, including current government officials.

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No one voiced a word of criticism. Now, a decade on, this book has appeared and been noted in Newsweek and lauded in a Huffington Post blog. And with the power of Google, these attacks will fester on the search page like a Sharpie mustache scribbled on a portrait. What's funny, if it wasn't sad, is that many of the 'accusations' against Paul in the book are documented in the film.