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If any one of the four pillars of society becomes either too powerful or too weak, it means the end of the reign, a gruesome death for the monarch , and a victory jig for the advisors whose secret goals were met. Subscribe to our realm-letter, and receive all important decrees concerning the imminent birth of Reigns: The Council. To know more, we invite you to download the print and play version of the game.

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It includes the rules of the game. Mary is led to Simon, learning that he faked the poisoning to scare her out of the alliance with France. Simon points out that Mary already has enemies in French court and will not be safe, but Mary declares her intent to stay and stand against the English. Mary suspects Catherine as responsible for the various plots and shares this with Francis, who believes her and warns his mother to leave Mary alone.

Mary and Francis are for now determined to be a united front against their enemies.

"All It Cost Her..."

When news arrives that English soldiers are amassing near the Scottish border, Mary asks Henry for military aid but is refused. Tomas proposes to Mary, promising military aid and an immediate wedding, which Francis cannot give her. Mary tells Francis of Tomas's proposal, which prompts Francis to blackmail Henry, threatening to tell Catherine and Diane of his new affair with Kenna. Henry is pleased by Francis's initiative and agrees to send six companies of troops to Scotland. Bash rides out to deliver the orders to the troops but returns gravely wounded; someone warned the English, who ambushed the French troops before they could set sail.

A distraught Francis kisses Mary for the first time and tells her to marry Tomas for the sake of Scotland. Mary accepts Tomas's proposal, and Tomas sends a ship of his men immediately to Scotland. Scott Peters. Simon Westbrook is arrested for causing the deaths of the French troops, based on the testimony of a prostitute who claims she saw him bragging about it. Tomas shows his true colours to Mary by threatening her and hitting a whipping boy when Mary talks back to him.

After receiving a hint from Clarissa, Mary, Francis and Bash realize that Tomas had the most to gain by warning the English. Mary questions the prostitute, who admits she was paid for her testimony. Francis and Bash find Tomas when he's about to kill his whipping boy to cover his tracks in the plot; a fight ensues and Francis kills Tomas.

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Mary, Francis, and Bash return to court in time to prevent Simon's execution. Henry and Catherine, with the King of Portugal's agreement, agree to cover up Tomas's treachery - the official story is that his death was an accident.

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Simon leaves France as the new English envoy to Portugal. Due to her role in protecting France's ties with Portugal, Mary is able to reopen negotiations for her marriage to Francis, this time pressuring Henry and Catherine for better terms for herself and Scotland.

Bruce McDonald. In the hopes of ousting Mary, Catherine arranges for Francis's former lover, Olivia Yael Grobglas , to return to court and profess her feelings for Francis. When Francis refuses to send Olivia away, Mary vents her frustrations to Bash and the two kiss, witnessed by Francis. Aylee is caught "stealing" by Catherine, and the Queen blackmails Aylee into letting her read Mary's letters before they are posted.

Mary is aware of this arrangement, as she deliberately planted Aylee as her spy for Catherine.

Reigns on Steam

Pagans are practicing human sacrifice to appease a creature in the woods; one of the pagans tells Bash he has to kill someone to replace the victim he'd removed before the ritual was complete. Mary learns that Kenna is having an affair with Henry and advises her to end it but Kenna refuses, claiming that Henry is planning to make her his new mistress, replacing Diane. The pagans mark Mary as their next sacrifice, planting a necklace and a stag's head in her room. One of Catherine's guards and one of Mary's servants are revealed as the culprits, and they are captured and burned to death. Diane Anna Walton , who secretly practised the pagan religion in her past, advises Bash to sacrifice someone else in Mary's stead. Bash prepares to sacrifice a thief, but when a pagan priest arrives Bash reveals it as a trap and kills the pagan instead.

Bash almost lets the thief free, but when the thief identifies him as the King's son, Bash pushes him off a cliff. Henry publicly declares that Kenna is his mistress, but unknown to her Henry is still keeping Diane. Francis tells Mary that in order to prevent other people from using their feelings against them, they should be free to be with other people; the only exception is that Mary cannot be with Bash. Francis has sex with Olivia, who is hoping to get pregnant and in that course become his wife. Jeremiah Chechik. While Henry and his troops are away, the castle is taken hostage by Count Vincent Michael Aronov of Italy, who seeks revenge for the death of his son.

Mary and Catherine form a plan together to get everyone out of the castle. While Catherine, Mary and Mary's ladies are feasting with the Italians, Francis sneaks everyone else out through the castle's secret passageways that have been marked for safety by Clarissa. Olivia is left behind to open the passage door for Mary but leaves her post; she gets lost in the tunnels and is not seen again. Mary and her ladies are unable to escape, but Catherine successfully poisons the Count's men, who die before they can rape the ladies.

Count Vincent dies when Mary stabs him. Mary and Francis reconcile, and they have sex. Bash learns that Diane was working with Count Vincent, as part of her plan to remove Henry's other sons, and have Bash legitimized and become Henry's heir.

The Difference

News arrives that the queen of England is dying and hasn't named her heir. Henry announces that it's time for Mary and Francis to wed, because Mary is a strong claimant to the English throne and Henry wants to take England for France.

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Catherine tells Mary about Nostradamus' vision that her marriage will cost Francis his life, asking her to leave Francis for his sake. Mary confronts Nostradamus, who adds that one of Mary's ladies will die soon. Catherine learns through Kenna of Diane's plot to legitimize Bash.

Catherine blackmails Diane, ordering her to poison Kenna and leave Henry for good.

EXCLUSIVE! 'Reign' Sneak Peek: Mary's Pregnant! (But Catherine Has Known All Along...)

Diane refuses to poison Kenna but leaves the castle. Clarissa poisons Aylee and pushes her down the stairs, killing her, in order to make Mary believe Nostradamus's prophecy. Mary declares she will not claim the English throne and flees the castle with Bash. Mary and Bash are captured by Henry's men after a week of being on the run together.

They are brought back to the castle, where Mary tells a disbelieving Francis about Nostradamus's prophecy. Henry threatens to execute Bash if Mary won't marry Francis. Mary counterproposes that Bash be legitimized as Henry's new heir and she marry him instead; if Henry agrees, Mary will claim the English throne as Henry wants.

As this would require an annulment of Henry and Catherine's marriage, and would turn Francis and his brothers into bastards, Catherine sends an assassin to kill Mary and Bash. Henry has the assassin killed before he can complete his task, and Catherine is imprisoned. Henry agrees to Mary's terms and leaves for Rome to seek the Pope's approval for Bash's legitimization.

Clarissa is chained in a cell by Nostradamus as punishment for killing Aylee, but she stabs him and escapes. Rachel Talalay. Their poisoning attempt fails when Bash is protected by his new bodyguard, Alec Daniel Fathers. Their second attempt involves trying to expose Bash's connection to a pregnant peasant named Isobel Amy Forsyth , Bash's cousin, whose father was executed for being a pagan.

Bash, Alec and Mary sneak Isobel out of the castle but make camp in the woods when Isobel goes into labor. A group of pagans surround their tent, but leave them unharmed when Bash, Alec and Isobel perform a pagan chant. Bash explains to Mary about his pagan heritage, and that the blood pagans of the wood are a different sect.