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Players win by building up their heroes, scouting gang dens to find the bastards who wronged them and then take bloody revenge through action-packed fight sequences made up of dice based puzzles.

Rules of Vengeance (Jonathon Ransom Series #2) |

The game starts off with The Wronging. This is a prelude to the actual game where the heroes get bashed by bosses of the four gangs in the game. The game proper is made up of two types of turns: Montage and Fight turns. Montage turns use a blend of dice drafting and hidden card selection to allow the heroes to heal, upgrade their characters' skills and items and scout out the gang dens that make up the game board. The other was a microwave transmitter that relied on the concept of Doppler radar to bounce sound waves off the walls.

Any disturbance in the sound waves' pattern would activate the alarm. A survey of the bedroom failed to locate the transmitter. Just then a voice sounded in Alpha's earpiece. You have eight minutes.

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No alarm sounded. No air horn. No bell. There was no microwave transmitter in the room. The bedroom door stood ajar, granting a clear view down a hallway and into the living area. Gloved fingers increased the night-vision goggles' magnification fourfold. It required fifteen seconds to locate the ruby-red diode high on the foyer wall that signaled the location of the transmitter. There was no way to disable the diode.

The solution lay in tricking it into thinking it was operating normally.

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Drawing a miniature target pistol from the jumpsuit, Alpha took careful aim at the diode and fired. Instead it launched a subsonic projectile containing a crystalline epoxy compound. Designed to flatten on impact, the epoxy would effectively block the sound waves and reflect them back to the transmitter. Still, for less than a second, the sound waves would be disturbed. The alarm would be triggered. But there it would end.

The beauty and the arrogance of the double-blind alarm lay in the necessity to trigger both mechanisms at the same time in order to activate the alarm. If the thermal sensor detected a rise in temperature, it would cross-check with the motion detector for a corresponding disruption in the Doppler waves.

Publisher Description

Similarly, if the Doppler-based motion sensor was disturbed, it would verify with the thermal sensor that there had been an increase in room temperature. If in either case the response was negative, the alarm would not be activated. The redundancy was not installed to make the room safer, but to guard against the possibility of a false alarm. No one had ever considered it possible to defeat both systems at the same time. The projectile hit its target dead on.

The ruby-red diode vanished. The room was clear. Alpha checked the time.

Treat Yourself

Six minutes, thirty seconds. Inside the living room, it was necessary to fold back the carpet from the walls. The pressure pads were located as noted on the schematics. One was placed in front of each of the floor-to-ceiling windows looking over Hyde Park, and the third in front of the sliding glass door that led to the balcony.

ISBN 13: 9780307387837

Each required one minute to disable. There was another near the front door, but Alpha didn't bother with it. The entry and escape routes were the same. Four minutes. Free to roam the apartment, the intruder made a beeline for Russell's study. Alpha had been inside the apartment before and had made a point of memorizing its layout. A sleek stainless steel desk occupied the center of the room. On it were three LCD monitors arrayed side by side.

A far larger screen, some ninety-six inches across, hung from the wall directly opposite him. Alpha directed a halogen beam beneath the desk. The computer's central processing unit sat on the floor at the rear of the foot well.

Rules of Vengeance Audiobook by Christopher Reich

There was no time to copy its contents, only to destroy it. Alpha slipped a handheld electronic device from the work bag and swiped it several times over Russell's CPU. The device delivered an immensely powerful electromagnetic pulse, obliterating all data. Unfortunately, the information was also stored in a more permanent location: Robert Russell's estimable brain. The time was a. With a touch Russell could turn on the television, open or close the curtains, or adjust the temperature. There was another, more interesting feature.

If one hit the security button, the screen divided itself into quarters, each showing the view from one of the building's closed-circuit cameras. Russell appeared entering the basement foyer a moment later. A few seconds passed and he entered the bottom left quadrant, this time inside the elevator. At thirty, he was tall and lean, with a full head of tousled white-blond hair that drew looks wherever he went. He wore jeans, an open shirt, and a blazer. Somewhere in the past, he'd earned a black belt in Brazilian jujitsu. He was a dangerous man in every respect. He stepped out of the elevator, and a moment later appeared in the final screen, standing inside his private alcove and pressing his pass key and thumb to the biometric lock.

Alpha walked into the kitchen and opened the freezer.

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  6. On the top shelf were two bottles of vodka sheathed in ice rings. Polish vodka made from bison grass. The vodka tasted like warm velvet. The tumblers to the front door slid back.