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I'm a multi-media content creator, live-stream event and podcast producer, journalist, ghost writer, social strategist and producer of socially shareable videos.

Straight Talk About Heaven and Hell on Vimeo

I co-host and produce the award-winning weekly Beyond Social Media Show. On Twitter, I'm whatsnext. Straight Talk About Social Media.


A no-nonsense guide for corporations. There certainly is no shortage of books about social media. My new report is filled with my trademark nitty gritty, real-world information — not theory. Straight Talk About Social Media explains the pitfalls and opportunities, and provides examples, resources, and advice about how to succeed in the Web 2. Its intent is to help you, not to scare you.

STRAIGHT TALK : Many resources, but still donor dependent nation

I tell it like I see it — straightforward, clear, and edgy. So fasten your seat belt: here we go! Ochman, who heads the creative team of whatsnextonline. Berry's poems, like his essays, make clear that questions of preserving and respecting the environment are fundamentally religious. And so people who might have been expected to care most selflessly for the world have had their minds turned elsewhere - to a pursuit of 'salvation' that was really only another form of gluttony and self-love, the desire to perpetuate their lives beyond the life of the world.

The Heaven-bent have abused the earth thoughtlessly, by inattention, and their negligence has permitted and encouraged others to abuse it deliberately. In that same essay, Berry regretfully critiques the first Kentucky road builders, who with mindless excess in the late s destroyed the thick hickory forests for temporary shelters and bonfires. The road builders, he says, were "placeless" people. Because they belonged to no place, it was almost inevitable that they should behave violently toward the places they came to. We still have not, in any meaningful way, arrived in America.

Every place had been displaced,. Berry's agrarian sensibility is not anti-urban. He's not a prophet urging everyone back to the wild.

Straight Talk about Predestination

On the contrary, he's a prophet crying in the wilderness on behalf of the wilderness, beckoning us to slow our wasteful haste and learn from nature's timeless patience. Place is less about geography, more about slowing down to live with patience, and with stewardship and great care of the living world around us. Life forgives its depredations;. Leaves fall.

Nutritious straight talk with Food Heaven | Healthy, Whole Food, & Vegetarian Recipes

In openings. Ant and beetle scuttle through. Broad wings enter the grove, gold.

A sequence threads through A Native Hill - small touchstones in Berry's lyrical musings that enchant, enlighten, and turn a reader's spirit back toward home. You don't have to live on the farm to get it. Here's a taste of what I mean:. The old forests are all gone - metamorphosed into cash, as Berry says. We have driven them beyond the reach of our minds.

Earth will survive this carelessness, as it has countless other destructive epochs. The question is, will we? To the small woodland let alone:. Great trees, outspreading and upright,.

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Apostles of the living light. Patient as stars, they build in air. Tier after tier a timbered choir,. Stout beams upholding weightless grace.