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As a leader, how do you learn to tune-out distractions—busyness, the numbing nature of entertainment and social media, the urgency of ministry itself—without growing deaf to the inner vision and issues you need to listen to? What are the common white noises in leadership and ministry that you use to mask your unpleasant emotions and ignore the desires deep inside of you?


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Our Blog. Read it Now. Our New Look. Bible Gateway is proud to introduce its fresh, new design! Explore and tell us what you think. Explore Now. Create Your Account. Log In. These two-week reading courses take you quickly into passages every Christian should know. Second, they are relatively easy to read and understand. Take 30 days to go through the main themes in the Psalms and another 30 days to go through all the Proverbs.

In case you find the Old Testament dry and boring, you can focus on the New Testament instead. Just be sure you go through the Old Testament sometime. Takes you through one chapter each day. Alex just wanted to give you a huge thanks! Thanks for what you do! I have just finished a read the Bible in a year program and I would like to do a Bible reading program that breaks it down a little more. Something still in chronological order but with commentary maybe fewer chapter readings at one time.

Any suggestions? Mailchimp is not delivering the document or the document is not in the dropbox anymore.

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Something is wrong. Kindly do backend check for us and resend. God bless you sir. Hello Alex, thanks for what you are doing. I tried downloading the printable version of the plans to no avail. Could try to rectify this Please. Would you have these plans in a spreadsheet? I need a spreadsheet version so I can handle some distribution using my social media. Take the challenge and read your Bible cover to cover with a one year or two year Bible reading plan. I find 3 year plan most helpful.

It is one verse a day for the most part. Just getting finished but hard to find another 3 year plan on line. Hello and thank you. Is there a template or spreadsheet, with regards to a bible reading plan, that will allow the end user to edit the chapters to be read in each book? I wanted to read each book in a year but sometimes I wanted customize my reading selections. I made one for myself using a table in Microsoft Word. I made a chart with columns for each of those areas and the date.

It took a little work, but I went through the Bible page by page to see how long the chapters and books were so I could divide the reading up somewhat evenly for each day.

Once you have saved your chart on your computer, you can go in and change the readings around however you want to. This reading plan takes you through- Old Testament 1 time New Testament 2 times Psalms 5 times Proverbs 3 times —in 1 year. You will be reading about chapters per day.

I takes me about minutes. If you like, you could split it into morning and evening, by reading the Old Testament and Proverbs in the morning and the New Testament and Psalms in the evening. This would take about minutes each session. This saves a lot of flipping around to find your spot each time. I would be glad to share if anyone is interested and can talk me through how to get a Word file to you.

Thanks for compiling! Do you know of any like that? I just see lists, not guidance. Hello Alex! I used to have a Bible in a Year plan which read through Proverbs monthly as well. Please, are you aware of such a plan by any chance? is the largest free online Bible website for verse search and in-depth studies.

Looking for a through the Bible in a year daily reading plan with Sunday reading in Psalm. Have one from bought in a Christian book store. Have read through the Bible several times using this guide. May just need to re-type this list if not able to find the same format. This plan is so directional I am very grateful for putting this together I have always wanted to go through the Bible but I have been lazy about it because I had no plan but with this now I think I can miss it anymore. Thanks once more.

Thank you for having such a wide variety!

What Book Of The Bible Should I Read First?

I am a second year teacher and this will be my first year in christian school and I was looking for a bible challenge for homework that I could do with them. I loved your days challenge and was wondering if you thought it would be a good idea to use with them. It will be 6th graders so the more challenging passages might be hard to get them to read. Hi Alex, I left my email twice and have not heard from you would like to receive the complete Bible Reading Plans if they are still available.. Thank you so much for this! Thank you, again! God bless you! Thank you!

Thank you, Alex. Am wanting to teach straight through the Bible on my daily radio pgm each weekday for one year, with listeners reading along with the daily teaching. So grateful for your encouragement to people to read the Bible!! Thanks for your work. Great post!

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What a wonderful list you compiled here! I would LOVE to try all of these! I must share this post with my friends!